Laie couple lures escaped parrot home with pizza 
Friday, August 27, 2010 at 6:40
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To an outsider, Marc Myer and his wife would have appeared to be sharing a romantic pizza picnic outside the Aloha Center on the morning of Aug 20. In reality, they were teaming up to lure Dani the macaw parrot back into their grasp.

Dani escaped from her owners, the Myers, on Wednesday, Aug 18 and was captured again on Friday, the 20. During her time away from home, Dani was spotted by many “hanging out around the Aloha Center,” said Myer. Dani enjoys being around people and is naturally a curious bird, so she spent much of her time in public places.

Larry Chua, a senior from the Philippines studying information technology, was lucky enough to be an eyewitness to this event. Chua was among many students who stopped to take pictures and admire the bird. “She [must have] felt like a star!” said Chua. “She took the opportunity to pose for pictures.”

This was not the first time Dani escaped the house, going out to explore the world. Since being rescued off the H3 five years ago, Dani has broken free an average of once a year. She does so by pushing out the window screens or opening door handles.

“These macaws are just incredibly smart,” explained Myer. “We have to outsmart her, which is a hard thing to do.” Myer explained how they have had to childproof their house to keep Dani from causing havoc and breaking into medicine cabinets, something she has done before.

Macaws also don’t generally learn as many words at the typical parrot, but they do learn the meanings of the words they learn. Dani knows names, such as Marc, and she can imitate laughter and a squeaking door. She can also beg, squawking out “cracker” when she is hungry.

During her times of freedom, Dani has experienced some unique events for a bird. Last year, she was able to spend time in the recently closed Laie Temple. Out of the week she was gone, it was reported that she spent three days meandering the construction site. “She was particularly fond of ordinance room three,” chuckled Myer, “she’s probably the only animal to have been through the temple!”

Dani has been held for ransom after being captured during one of her breakouts. Despite the fact that macaws are generally worth between $1,500 and $2,000, her captors were easily persuaded to return the precious bird with some pies.

Now that Dani is safely back at home, the Myers will continue work on the 10 by 20 foot aviary they are constructing for her to live in. Despite the fact that she loves to explore, Dani will always be at home with her adopted family, the Myers. As Myer explained, “when you rescue an animal, you have to stand by them.” 

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