Baby amazons rescued from smugglers
Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 0:42
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Anyone who has had even one parrot can tell you they are a lot of work.  Many parrot owners actually have more than one parrot, making life it’s own full time job in care, cleaning, and socializing with their feathered friends.  But imagine doing this with 517 parrots.

Parrots International, a non-profit organization that intercepted an effort to smuggle over 500 Amazon parrots illegally.  The birds were found in Pernambuco, Brazil and are now in Recife, Brazil.  Caring for them around the clock is Kilma Manso, A collaborator for Parrots International, and many, many volunteers.  
The volunteers have been specially trained by Manso in proper nutrition and hand feeding techniques.  These volunteers are working around the clock, feeding and cleaning up after these birds at regular intervals 24 hours a day.  On top of they, they are monitoring the health of each individual chick.  Every bird is getting special treatment.
Imagine having to hand feed even one clutch of babies!  This is a group of more than 500 birds!  Mark Hagen, of Hagen Inc, donated 500 pounds of Hagen Tropican hand feeding formula to help these babies, now in the hands of people they can trust.  The first shipment was sent via FedEx overnight.  Following shipments have and will be sent via FedEx ground.  
Most of the babies are Blue Front Amazons and Yellow Faced Amazons.  The latter species is considered to be endangered, Blue Fronted Amazons are considered least concern.  Both species are widely available as pets, being bred in captivity and sold.  The import of wild caught parrots is illegal.  
For information on how to help, visit  
Donations will cover additional hand feeding formula and equipment, rehabilitation and release training.  
Update on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 4:03 by Registered CommenterCity Parrots

Here is the latest Video update of the 517 baby Amazon parrots and their rescue from traffic. Kilma Manso reports all are doing well. The second donation/shipment by Hagen Inc. of Tropican hand feeding formula arrived last week and the babies are loving it

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