Caught on camera - the escaped parrot causing a flap in Burnham!
Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 12:18
City Parrots in Amazona amazonica - Orange-winged Amazon, Urban parrots

This vividly coloured parrot has been causing a flap in Burnham-On-Sea by baffling residents with its appearances across the town.

Reverend Graham Witts from St Andrew's Church took this photo of the bird after seeing it twice in 24 hours.

The parrot has been spotted several times in recent weeks but until now has not been photographed.

Graham told "On Thursday morning the service at St Andrew's was accompanied by what sounded like a car alarm. Upon investigation, I found a green and yellow parrot sitting in the trees behind the church! After staying a while, the bird flew off and did not return to the area."

"But then on Friday I was enjoying some time gardening at the vicarage in Rectory Road when I was surprised to spot the parrot again, this time sat in a pear tree in my garden for 20 minutes."

Graham added: "Is this a sign of global warming or of a very clever escape by the bird?"


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