Parrot has nose job after catching his beak in the door (and it was fixed with 'Polly-filler')
Friday, February 24, 2012 at 10:49
City Parrots in Ara ararauna - Blue-and-Gold Macaw, At the Vet

Babes required surgery after having his beak knocked out of shape when it was caught in a door (left) , but he is now back to full health following his nose job Read more: parrot who had his beak knocked out of shape after being caught in a door-frame has undergone a 'nose job'.

The blue and gold macaw named Babes underwent an £800 operation to fix his broken beak after it was fractured.

Special plastic surgery putty was used to repair a depression in the bird's beak and he is now back to full health.

The bird - native to South and Central America - was originally taken by his worried owner to the Village Vets in Woolton, Liverpool.Taking care: Avian surgeon Dr Richard Jones operates on Babes the parrot's smashed beak.But the nature of his injury required plastic surgery and his case was referred to avian surgeon Dr Richard Jones.

Dr Jones of Avian Veterinary Services, in Knutsford, Cheshire, took a number if X-rays to establish the extent of the injury.

On the mend: A stainless steel scaffold was inserted into the beak and a special 'plastic surgery' putty was put in the gap.Babes was then sedated with special painkillers and underwent several hours of surgery to repair the fracture.

While he was under anaesthetic a one-and-a-half inch hole was drilled into the bridge of Babes' beak.

A stainless steel scaffold was inserted into the beak and a special 'plastic surgery' putty was then applied to fill the gap.

Treatment: Babes underwent an X-ray as part of the procedure that lasted several hoursDr Jones said: 'The bird looked pretty good when he came in, but he had a compression fracture.

'As well as smashing-up the black stuff on his beak he had squashed the bone.There’s a lot of nerves in a parrot's beak so it would have smarted.

'He did start to get grumpy when we took him off painkillers but I am pleased to say he has made a full recovery.'

The operation to fix Babes' broken beak cost £800 as the bone was also squashed

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