Maddingley Park's corella boom continues
Monday, November 11, 2013 at 3:37
City Parrots in Cacatua sanguinea - Little Corella, Conflict

Playful Corellas. Image by James Niland

Moorabool council will continue using a scare cannon to disperse corellas from Maddingley Park and surrounds.

The Weekly reported in August that corellas were causing extensive damage to council and privately-owned property in Bacchus Marsh. Council chief executive Rob Croxford said the scare cannon was initially used for a two-week period.

“We noticed after about four days that corellas started to reappear in the area, so we re-engaged the contractor to resume the daily use of the scare cannon for a further two weeks,” he said.

“Council has decided the best course of action is to use the scare cannon as needed over the next three months.’

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